1 glass of Gunnobi a day help your kids to grow taller and smarter!


  • In the past 25 years, average height of Vietnamese teenagers have grown only 3 cm more.
  • Kids that were born in 2010 – 2015, even though milk has been included in their daily meals, have not increase their height significantly.



That is equivalent to 3 crabs/1kg of shrimps or 4 glasses of milk EVERY DAY!

To have enough amounts of Calcium a day, kids have to eat the amounts of food that is equivalent to 3 crabs or 1kg of shrimps or 4 glasses of milk each day!


10g powder of Gunnobi + 150ml milk a day provide 99% amounts of Calcium your kids need to grow tall!

  • Gunnobi is nutritional supporting cocoa powder for the kids in growth period. Japanese kids drink Gunnobi blending with milk everyday to help provide them enough nutrients for daily activities like studying and playing sports.
  • With cocoa favour, your kids’d love to drink Gunnobi. 1 glass of Gunnobi can provide up to 99% amounts of Calcium, 45% amounts of Vitamin D and 94% amounts of Fe your kids need to grow strong and healthy.
  • Gunnobi is made and safely managed in the Japanese domestic factory where has gotten the license ISO 9001. Also Gunnobi has cleared radiation-test and agrichemical inspection. We managed Gunnobi, safely and perfectly.

Compare to a normal glass of milk (150ml), 10g powder of Gunnobi blending with 150ml of milk provide:

  • 3,96 times the amounts of Canxi
  • 5 times the amounts of Vitamin D
  • 94 times the amounts of Fe

1 glass of Gunnobi a day help your kids to grow taller and smarter!

Gunnobi is rich of not only Canxi and vitamins but also DHA so that it can help your kids to grow taller and smarter by only drinking 10g Gunnobi with milk everyday!

Only 14.000 VND/1 glass of Gunnobi/1 day for your kids to grow taller and smarter

Good price to try!

Only 14.000 VND per day for your kids to grow taller and smarter!

140g/pack is only 200.000 VND (for 14 days)



  • HCM City: 48/1A Nguyen Binh Khiem St., W.1, Go Vap Dist., HCMC (0933 8515 39 – Ms.Thắm)
  • Ha Noi City: 121/43 Thai Ha St., Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi (0968 36 29 29 – Ms. Hà)

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As registered dietitian, Takigi Chihiro had participated in “School-Lunch” for almost 10 years, then she has started her own business. She is very active as a freelance writer of food and nutrition now.

“First of all, the most fundamental basis is the bones! Making strengh body in the growth period is depending on fundamental of bones. Gunnobi contains much “Calcium” which is needed to make the bones,and “Vitamin D” which helps to absorb the “Calcium” into the body.
Not only those nutrients, but also Gunnobi contains more such as “Arginine” which is a popular Super-Amino-Acid, and essential fatty acids “DHA”. It is able to take those necessary nutrients for kids by “per glass 14.000đ per day”!
I have tried Gunnobi, it is easily melted into a cold milk and tasted good. I think kids even dislike milk can continue to drink this product. From the nutritional viewing, I really recommend this product, Gunnobi, for kids in their growth periods.”

Takagi Chihiro / Registered Dietitian


  • Ingredients: sugar, cocoa powder, dolomit, fructose, Zinc, enzyme, DHA, emculsifier, Vitamin C, Pyrroline, Iron oxide, Niacin, arginine, Vitamin B5, B6, B1, A, acid folic, antioxidants.
  • Nutrients (10g):

    504mg Calcium, 2µg Vitamin D, 6,4mg Iron, 1mg Arginine, 0.09mg DHA, 308µg , Vitamin A, 2.1mg Vitamin E, 0.44mg , Vitamin B1, 0.47mg Vitamin B2, 0.43mg , Vitamin B6, 0.96 µg Vitamin B12, 88 µg Acid Folic, 0.5g protein, 0.3g Fat, 6.3g carbohydrate, 29 kcal.

  • Net weight: 140g
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight, moist and heat
  • Producer: ANBER Inc.

Step 1: Blend 10g powder of Gunnobi with 150ml milk

Step 2: Include some ice if needed

Step 3: Enjoy your glass of Gunnobi!

1. How many cups a day are you suggest to drink?

Gunnobi contains much nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin, and Iron those are needed for a day. Please drink a glass of Gunnobi,mixtured with milk, per day.

2. What kind of nutritions are contained in Gunnobi?

Gunnobi is high in nutrients such as Vitamin D, Iron, Arginine(one of the Amino-Acid which is needed for making a good body), and DHA those are good nutritional element in the growth period.

3. Is it alright that adults drink Gunnobi?

Of course!  We recommend this Gunnobi not only for kids but also for people in all age-stages, especially for people who are not able to eat balanced meals everyday by getting so busy or people who play sports and also elderly people who care about the lack of Calcium from daily meals.

4. Is it made in Japan?

Yes. It is made in Japanese domestic factory where has gotten the license ISO9001. Also, it is cleared many difficult inspections such as radiation and agrichemical tests, so please feel comfortable to drink.